• LCB30 High current connector

    LCB30 High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    LC series outdoor power plug contacts use red copper conductors, which greatly improves the current carrying performance; 360 ° crown spring contact structure, not only has a long plug-in life, but also can effectively prevent plug-in instantaneous break; Riveting installation replaces traditional welding, assembly is plug-in, and efficiency is doubled; The safe and convenient anti release lock design greatly increases the safety performance of the product. And it can improve the quality of outdoor power supply in terms of electrical performance and mechanical performance, and give customers a brand-new product experience.

  • LCB30PW High current connector

    LCB30PW High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    The biggest advantage of the anti detachment electric vehicle connector is that when driving on bumpy roads, the anti detachment electric vehicle connector can effectively ensure the normal driving of electric vehicles. The unique anti detachment design can effectively prevent the connectors from loosening due to strong impact, resulting in sudden stop of electric vehicles. It greatly protects the road safety of electric vehicles and avoids dangers.

  • LCB30PB High current connector

    LCB30PB High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    In discharging overcurrent protection and charging overcurrent protection of BMS, corresponding current parameters shall be selected when selecting BMS connectors. Excessive or small current is easy to cause abnormal load and damage to lines and battery packs. Amass fourth generation BMS connector LC series, current covering 10a-300a, is suitable for BMS management systems of equipment in different fields.

  • LCB40  High current connector

    LCB40 High current connector / Electric current:30A-67A

    The special connector for intelligent equipment is mainly composed of molded case insulator and conductor contact. The selection of these two materials directly determines the safety performance, practical performance and service life of the connector. Among copper metals, red copper is pure copper, which has better conductivity than brass, white copper or other copper alloys.

  • LCB50PB  High current connector

    LCB50PB High current connector / Electric current:40A-98A

    High temperature resistance of connector means that the connector can be used normally in a high temperature environment, and the material also has the required mechanical and physical properties; Amass uses PBT engineering plastics with high, low temperature and high performance that meet the needs of most intelligent devices. The melting point of the PBT insulating plastic shell is 225-235 ℃, which makes the connectors made of materials have high temperature resistance

  • LCB60  High current connector

    LCB60 High current connector / Electric current:55A-110A

    According to the metal activity table, the active property of metal copper is lower, so the corrosion resistance is better than other metals. The chemical property of red copper is stable, integrating cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance (the melting point of copper is as high as 1083 degrees Celsius). Therefore, the high current red copper plug is durable and can be used in different environments for a long time.

  • LFB40 High Current Waterproof Connector

    LFB40 High Current Waterproof Connector / Electric Current:25A-45A

    Amass fourth generation LF waterproof connector low temperature rise, long service life, can work in the high and low temperature environment of -40℃-120℃, IP67 protection level can keep the connector inside dry in bad weather conditions, effectively prevent moisture infiltration, ensure the normal work of the circuit, to avoid electric car short circuit, damage phenomenon.

  • LFB30 High Current Waterproof Connector

    LFB30 High Current Waterproof Connector / Electric Current:20A-35A

    Amass new generation LC products adopt 6 square stamping and riveting mode, the process equipment is simple, the process is relatively easy to control, the quality is stable, the connection environment requirements are low, can be operated quickly in the wind and water environment, greatly improve the efficiency of processing and equipment maintenance, and the riveting structure is resistant to vibration and impact, the connection is firm and reliable. Aircraft are riveted. Under the test of high altitude, high speed and high pressure, riveting mode can effectively avoid the fracture risk brought by welding and ensure the safety and stability of the connection.

  • LCB60PW High Current Connector

    LCB60PW High Current Connector / Electric Current:55A-110A

    LC series intelligent device internal power connection can cover 10-300 amps of high current power connection application scenarios. With large current, small volume, super stability, convenient use, long life value characteristics. Amess chose copper with high purity and high conductivity as the material of contact parts. Along with the substantial increase of current carrying density, it not only brings excellent conductivity, but also ensures that LC series still maintains the obvious advantage of small size after a substantial upgrade.

  • LCB40PBHigh Current Connector

    LCB40PBHigh Current Connector / Electric Current: 30A-67A

    With the increasingly high performance requirements of intelligent equipment, the current must be larger and larger under the rated voltage; With portability, there is less room for power batteries and connectors. In increasingly complex application scenarios, the risk of current overload is further increased. “Large current, small volume” has become the core research and development of power connectors. LC series is a new generation of high-performance connectors customized for intelligent devices. Through seven technological upgrades, the advantages of “large current and small volume” are further upgraded, while enhancing anti-seismic anti-peeling and efficient current-carrying to cope with more complex operating conditions of intelligent devices.

  • LCB50PW High Current Connector

    LCB50PW High Current Connector / Electric Current:40A-98A

    LC series of high-current connectors through precise structural design and mold development, matching locking structure, male and female connectors effectively lock, meet the basic waterproof and dustproof requirements IP54, ensure IP65 requirements below, stable performance in complex application environment. It effectively solves the problem of connector short circuit caused by bad use environment of some intelligent equipment connectors, especially large dust or frequent rain.

  • LCB40PW High Current Connector

    LCB40PW High Current Connector / Electric Current:30A-67A

    LC series connectors adopt crown spring mother-holder connection mode and realize effective current-carrying connection through inclined inner arch bar elastic contact structure. Compared with XT series, LC series connectors have three times full contact, effectively dealing with the problem of large current fluctuation range under the operating condition of intelligent equipment. The same load current, the connector low temperature rise control; Under the same temperature rise requirement, it has larger current-carrying output, so as to realize the requirements of large current-carrying for safe transmission of the whole equipment.

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