LCB60PW High Current Connector

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LC series intelligent device internal power connection can cover 10-300 amps of high current power connection application scenarios. With large current, small volume, super stability, convenient use, long life value characteristics. Amess chose copper with high purity and high conductivity as the material of contact parts. Along with the substantial increase of current carrying density, it not only brings excellent conductivity, but also ensures that LC series still maintains the obvious advantage of small size after a substantial upgrade.

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As intelligent devices become more and more complex, more and more accessories are needed, which leads to more and more compact circuits and accessories on PCB. At the same time, the quality requirements of high current PCB board connectors are also improved. Small size PCB board can not only reduce the cost, but also can simplify the design of PCB board, so that the circuit transmission signal loss is less. Amass high-current PCB board connector is only the size of the knuckle, and the contact conductor is silver plated with copper, which greatly improves the current carrying performance of the connector. Even the small size can have high current carrying, ensuring the smooth running of the circuit, and diversified installation methods can meet the installation needs of different customers.

Why Choose Us

Enterprise honor

Amass won the honors of Jiangsu high-tech enterprise, Changzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, Changzhou Industrial Design Center and other enterprises

Company strength

Company strength (2)
Company strength (3)
Company strength (1)

The company is located in Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 mu and a production area of 9000 square meters,

The land has independent property rights. So far, our company has about 250 R & D and manufacturing personnel

Manufacturing and sales teams.

Laboratory strength

Laboratory strength

The laboratory operates based on the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, establishes four level documents, and continuously improves in the process of operation to continuously improve the laboratory management and technical capacity; And passed UL witness Laboratory Accreditation (WTDP) in January 2021


Electric Bicycle

Suitable for electric two-wheeled motor, battery, controller and other components

The product has a variety of combination installation modes, suitable for different internal space installation requirements

Two-wheeled electric vehicle

Suitable for electric vehicle internal power battery

Multiple anti - stay design, ensure the circuit stable and reliable operation 

Energy storage equipment

Suitable for solar photovoltaic panel

Flame retardant shell + high current carrying conductor, double guarantee operation

Intelligent robot

Suitable for intelligent robot motor, controller and other components

Convenient assembly design, simplified operation, easy to use

Model aerial UAV

Suitable for motor parts such as traversing machine and model

V0 grade flame retardant material, self-extinguishing can be good, high safety and stability

Small home appliances

Suitable for vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment

Standardized indicators, production process, quality control, to maintain the consistency of products and production stability


Suitable for intelligent mowing robot

Three layers of insulation material protection, strengthen the insulation ability of the connector

Tool for instead of walk

Suitable for children's intelligent balancing car

Comply with ROHS/Reach/UL/CE certification qualifications


Q What's your after-sales service like?

A: We have a professional team to deal with customer feedback & demand & customization

Q How many testing equipment does your laboratory have?

A: The company's laboratory is equipped with nearly 30 sets of main testing equipment, such as multifunctional electromagnetic vibration test bench, power plug temperature rise tester, intelligent salt spray corrosion test chamber, etc., to ensure the real and effective product data!

Q What is the strength of your production line

A: Our company is equipped with injection molding workshop, welding line workshop, assembly workshop and other production workshops, more than 100 sets of production equipment, to ensure capacity supply.

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