LCB40PW High Current Connector

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LC series connectors adopt crown spring mother-holder connection mode and realize effective current-carrying connection through inclined inner arch bar elastic contact structure. Compared with XT series, LC series connectors have three times full contact, effectively dealing with the problem of large current fluctuation range under the operating condition of intelligent equipment. The same load current, the connector low temperature rise control; Under the same temperature rise requirement, it has larger current-carrying output, so as to realize the requirements of large current-carrying for safe transmission of the whole equipment.

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The new generation of LC series adopts new copper material. The conductivity of LC copper material and XT brass material is 99.99% and 49% respectively. According to the test and verification of Ames Laboratory, the conductivity of new copper is + 2 times that of brass under the same cross-sectional area. Amess chose copper with high purity and high conductivity as the material of contact parts. Along with the substantial increase of current carrying density, it not only brings excellent conductivity, but also ensures that LC series still maintains the obvious advantage of small size after a substantial upgrade.

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Our company is equipped with injection molding workshop, welding line workshop, assembly workshop and other production workshops, and more than 100 production equipment to ensure the supply of production capacity.

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The company is located in Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 mu and a production area of 9000 square meters,

The land has independent property rights. So far, our company has about 250 R & D and manufacturing personnel

Manufacturing and sales teams.

Equipment strength

Equipment strength

Amass has current temperature rise test, welding resistance test, salt spray test, static resistance, insulation voltage

Testing equipment such as plug-in force test and fatigue test, and professional testing capabilities ensure the quality of products



Electric Bicycle

Suitable for electric vehicle battery parts

Copper conductors with high conductivity not only improve the conductivity, but also maintain the significant advantage of small size.

Two-wheeled electric vehicle

It is suitable for lithium battery, the core component of two-wheeled electric vehicle

Crown spring contact structure, low temperature rise, large current carrying, high safety

Energy storage equipment

Suitable for portable energy storage equipment

Small volume and large current, suitable for internal structure and compact requirements

Intelligent robot

Suitable for intelligent robot

The crown spring contact structure, contact point increase, prolong the life, greatly improve the safety performance

Model aerial UAV

Suitable for agricultural spraying plant protection UAV

Dust-proof and waterproof, good sealing, high quality application

Small home appliances

Suitable for battery end of wireless vacuum cleaner

Three layers of insulation material protection enhances the insulation capability of the connector and improves the safety and pressure resistance level of the connector in small volume.


Suitable for logging with electric chain saw in garden

In high load, high frequency vibration environment, high connection stability

Tool for instead of walk

Suitable for balancing car, balancing wheel and other transportation tools

-20℃ to 120℃, suitable for battery charging and discharging


Q What online communication tools does your company have?

A: email、WeChat、WhatsApp、Facebook…...

Q What certifications have your products passed?

A:Our products have passed UL/CE/RoHS/Reach and other international certifications

Q What qualifications does your company have?

A:  The company has been awarded the high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, with more than 200 national patent certificates

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