LCB60PB High Current Connector

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Amass LC series power inner connector crown spring contact structure, not only long service life, when the male and female plug, effectively eliminate the occurrence of instantaneous break, and the current covers 10A-300A, suitable for different power clean small household appliances. Amass LC series power internal connector has IP65 protection grade, can completely prevent foreign objects and dust invasion, can also prevent jet water immersion, mostly used in the use of harsh environment and outdoor intelligent equipment inside, and for cleaning small household appliances such as easy to wade into the water and dust, LC series power internal connector is a good choice!

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After riveting the wire, insert LC series intelligent inner terminal directly into the plastic parts, pull back to ensure the installation is in place, and complete the installation of wiring terminals. Simple, fast, no additional equipment. In addition, with fixed, no fixed buckle optional: the use of working conditions selection is flexible, the connector needs to be fixed frame, the product can be added to the frame fixed buckle; There is no need to fasten, and the fastener can be removed.

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The company has a professional team of technical research and development, marketing services and lean production to provide customers with a variety of high-quality and cost-effective "high current connector products and related solutions."

Honor and qualification

Honor and qualification (2)

Amass products have passed UL, CE and ROHS certification

Laboratory strength

Laboratory strength

The laboratory operates based on the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, establishes four level documents, and continuously improves in the process of operation to continuously improve the laboratory management and technical capacity; And passed UL witness Laboratory Accreditation (WTDP) in January 2021


Electric Bicycle

It is suitable for internal core parts of lithium electric bicycle

The shell is made of high and low temperature engineering plastic shell PBT material, resistant to fall and wear

Two-wheeled electric vehicle

Suitable for electric two-wheeled vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles and other travel equipment

Riveting structure is resistant to vibration and impact, and the connection is firm and reliable.

Energy storage equipment

Suitable for photovoltaic energy storage inverter

Salt spray test, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Intelligent robot

Suitable for robot dogs, delivery robots and other intelligent equipment

Double anti precision design, automatic precision structure, waterproof and dust more worry

Model aerial UAV

Suitable for police and patrol UAV

Current covers 10-300 amps to meet the connection needs of different power levels

Small home appliances

Suitable for intelligent sweeping robot

Riveting mode, effectively avoid the fracture risk caused by welding, to ensure the safety and stability of the connection


Suitable for lithium electric lawnmower

"Strong lock" structure, effectively prevent the connector connector high frequency vibration of the phenomenon of loose.

Tool for instead of walk

Suitable for motor, battery, controller and other parts of transportation tools

Copper conductor, current carrying performance is higher than brass conductor


Q Do your company's products have cost-effective advantages? What are the specific ones?

A: Flat replacement car gauge connector, half the price, to provide customers with 7A full cycle service

Q What is the delivery time rule of your company?

A:It takes 3-7 days for regular products and 25-40 days for custom products.

Q What industry exhibitions have your company participated in?

A: Specific motor, robot, UAV, energy storage equipment, garden tools and other industry exhibitions

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