LFB/K40 With Fixed Snap Waterproof Connector(Presell)

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LF series connector adopts the crown spring structure inside, the current transmission is more stable and efficient, and the seismic performance is good in the process of insertion and removal; And the implementation of the vehicle gauge level 23 test standards, through the high temperature temperature rise, current circulation, alternating humidity and heat, high temperature aging, temperature impact and other test projects, to verify the temperature rise <30℃, long service life of the product, high safety, for Covos rental commercial cleaning robots, but also reduce the cost of follow-up maintenance.

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Product Description

LF series connector clip design, can firmly lock the male and female heads, to ensure the reliability and stability of current transmission. For commercial robots often work in supermarkets, factories, office buildings and other environments, in the case of bumps and bruises, it can effectively ensure the effective operation of equipment.

Why Choose Us


The company is located in Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 mu and a production area of 9000 square meters,

The land has independent property rights. So far, our company has about 250 R & D and manufacturing personnel

Manufacturing and sales teams.

Laboratory strength

Equipment strength

Amass has current temperature rise test, welding resistance test, salt spray test, static resistance, insulation voltage

Testing equipment such as plug-in force test and fatigue test, and professional testing capabilities ensure the quality of products



Laboratory strength

The laboratory operates based on the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, establishes four level documents, and continuously improves in the process of operation to continuously improve the laboratory management and technical capacity; And passed UL witness Laboratory Accreditation (WTDP) in January 2021


Electric Bicycle

Suitable for electric bicycle motor, battery, controller and other components

The product has line line, line board, board board and other installation modes to meet the installation needs of different components.

Electric vehicle

It can be applied to the motor end of electric vehicles

High temperature resistance, effectively avoiding short circuit caused by high temperature softening of connectors in electric vehicles.

Energy storage equipment

It can be used for outdoor equipment such as solar photovoltaic panels and rechargeable batteries.

It has dust-proof and waterproof properties to meet the needs of safe outdoor power consumption of energy storage equipment

Intelligent robot

Applicable to intelligent robots

The contact structure of copper parts is upgraded and the contact points are increased, which greatly improves the safety performance

Model UAV

Applicable to battery end of model UAV

Crown spring contact, pluggable, long service life

Small household appliances

Applicable to sweeping robot equipment

Welding is upgraded to riveting, with higher efficiency and simple and convenient operation


Applicable to intelligent mowing robot

Adopt red copper silver plating layer, with strong conductivity and more efficient machine operation

Transportation tools

Suitable for children's intelligent balance car

Lead content less than 1000ppm, environmental protection and safety


Q: Can you provide samples to customers to check product quality before ordering?

A: We can provide samples to customers for recognition, but after reaching a certain amount, the samples will be charged. Please contact our sales staff for specific requirements.

Q: What certifications do your connectors have?

A: Our connector products have passed UL / CE / RoHS / reach and other international certifications

Q: What are the specific categories of your products?

A: Current: 10a-300a; Installation application: line line / board board / line board; Polarity: single pin / double pin / triple pin / mixed; Function: waterproof / fireproof / standard

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