LFB40 High Current Waterproof Connector(Presell)

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Amass fourth generation LF waterproof connector low temperature rise, long service life, can work in the high and low temperature environment of -40℃-120℃, IP67 protection level can keep the connector inside dry in bad weather conditions, effectively prevent moisture infiltration, ensure the normal work of the circuit, to avoid electric car short circuit, damage phenomenon.

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The waterproof connector for electric two-wheelers is one of the important devices to ensure the long-term normal operation of electric vehicles without interference from weather conditions. It is responsible for connecting the various circuit systems of electric vehicles, such as battery packs, motors, controllers, etc. Because electric vehicles often face harsh environmental conditions such as rain and moisture during use, the protective performance of waterproof connectors is crucial.

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Amass products have passed UL, CE and ROHS certification

Laboratory strength

Laboratory strength

The laboratory operates based on the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, establishes four level documents, and continuously improves in the process of operation to continuously improve the laboratory management and technical capacity; And passed UL witness Laboratory Accreditation (WTDP) in January 2021



The company has a professional team of technical research and development, marketing services and lean production to provide customers with a variety of high-quality and cost-effective "high current connector products and related solutions."


Electric Bicycle

Applicable to the internal core parts of lithium battery bicycles

The shell is made of PBT material, which has strong mechanical performance and is resistant to falling and abrasion.

Electric vehicle

Applicable to electric two wheeled vehicles, tricycles and other travel equipment

Copper bar design contact, 360 ° coincidence, high current and low resistance.

Energy storage equipment

Applicable to photovoltaic energy storage inverter

It has the characteristics of small volume, large current and low resistance

Intelligent robot

It is applicable to intelligent devices such as robot dogs and distribution robots

It can maintain good electrical stability under humid and high temperature conditions

Model UAV

Applicable to police and patrol UAVs

Flame retardant shell + high current carrying conductor, double guarantee operation

Small household appliances

Applicable to intelligent sweeping robot

The size of a coin, the application scenario of limited and narrow space


Applicable to lithium battery lawnmower

Buckle design, strong vibration resistance in strong vibration environment

Transportation tools

It is applicable to motor, battery, controller and other components of walking tools

High compatibility, the same series of connectors can be used together


Q: How did your guests find your company?

A: Promotion / brand reputation / recommended by old customers

Q: What parts are applicable to your products?

A: Our products can be used for lithium batteries, controllers, motors, chargers and other components

Q: Do your products have cost-effective advantages? What are the specific ones?

A: Save half the price, replace the standard connector, and provide customers with one-stop systematic solutions

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