LCC40 High Current Connector

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The new generation of high-performance LC series can meet the power connection requirements of various smart devices, especially for mobile smart devices in the application scenario of “large current and small volume”. LC series can be widely used in a variety of smart devices except smart cars and mobile phones. Such as: model UAV, garden tools, intelligent mobility scooter, intelligent electric vehicle, intelligent robot, intelligent home, energy storage equipment, lithium battery, etc. Especially in the field of intelligent devices with mobile properties, LC has an irreplaceable position in the industry by virtue of its product characteristics and advantages of “large current and small volume”.

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LC series connectors adopt crown spring mother-holder connection mode and realize effective current-carrying connection through inclined inner arch bar elastic contact structure. Compared with XT series, LC series connectors have three times full contact, effectively dealing with the problem of large current fluctuation range under the operating condition of intelligent equipment. The same load current, the connector low temperature rise control; Under the same temperature rise requirement, it has larger current-carrying output, so as to realize the requirements of large current-carrying for safe transmission of the whole equipment.

Why Choose Us

Equipment strength

Amass has current temperature rise test, welding resistance test, salt spray test, static resistance, insulation voltage

Testing equipment such as plug-in force test and fatigue test, and professional testing capabilities ensure the quality of products


Honor and qualification

Honor and qualification (1)

Amass has more than 200 national patent certificates, including invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.



The company is equipped with injection molding workshop, welding line workshop, assembly workshop and other production workshops, and more than 100 production equipment to ensure the supply of production capacity.


Electric Bicycle

It can be used for short distance travel such as electric motorcycle and shared electric bike

Straight insert design, when matching in place, the lock lock automatically, self-locking force is strong

Two-wheeled electric vehicle

It is suitable for lithium battery, the core component of electric vehicle

Crown spring contact structure, low temperature rise, large current carrying, high safety

Energy storage equipment

Can be used for energy storage equipment internal PCB board

The size of the knuckle can be installed in combination with the wire type. It is suitable for installation when the reserved vertical space is insufficient

Intelligent robot

Suitable for logistics distribution robot

Strong locking structure, strong self-locking force, to eliminate loose hazards

Model aerial UAV

Suitable for police and patrol UAV

Current covers 10-300 amps to meet the connection needs of different power levels

Small home appliances

Suitable for vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment

Standardized indicators, production process, quality control, to maintain the consistency of products and production stability


Suitable for lithium mower

"Strong lock" structure, effectively prevent the connector connector high frequency vibration of the phenomenon of loose

Tool for instead of walk

Suitable for balancing car internal motor

Quick assembly in one second saves time and improves operation efficiency


Q What are the combined installation applications of the product?

A: Our products have two kinds of welding wire and welding plate, in the installation application can be wire - wire, plate - plate, wire - plate combination application.

Q What honors does your company have?

A: Amass was honored as a high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, Changzhou Industrial Design Center, etc

Q What standard does your quality control system follow?

A: Quality control system: ISO9001:2015 quality management system, introduced into the quality management system since 2009. Has been effectively running the quality management body for 13 years, experienced from the 2008 edition to the 2015 edition of the version change work

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