LCC40PB High Current Connector

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The new generation of LC series adopts new copper material. The conductivity of LC copper material and XT brass material is 99.99% and 49% respectively. According to the test and verification of Ames Laboratory, the conductivity of new copper is + 2 times that of brass under the same cross-sectional area. Amess chose copper with high purity and high conductivity as the material of contact parts. Along with the substantial increase of current carrying density, it not only brings excellent conductivity, but also ensures that LC series still maintains the obvious advantage of small size after a substantial upgrade.

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Due to the continuous iteration of intelligent devices, the complexity of devices is getting higher and higher, and the application scenarios are getting wider and wider, which puts forward higher requirements for current transmission and product performance. And the special structure of the crown spring, when the terminals encounter vibration and impact, still maintain sufficient diversion contact area, effectively avoid the instantaneous diversion surface becomes small, bring current overload, leading to the serious problems of connector aging, machine burning, equipment damage.

Why Choose Us

Company strength

The company is located in Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 mu and a production area of 9000 square meters,

The land has independent property rights. So far, our company has about 250 R & D and manufacturing personnel

Manufacturing and sales teams.



The company has a professional team of technical research and development, marketing services and lean production to provide customers with a variety of high-quality and cost-effective "high current connector products and related solutions."

Equipment strength

Equipment strength

Amass has current temperature rise test, welding resistance test, salt spray test, static resistance, insulation voltage

Testing equipment such as plug-in force test and fatigue test, and professional testing capabilities ensure the quality of products



Electric Bicycle

Suitable for lithium electric car motor

"Strong locking" structure, strong self-locking force, to ensure the stable connection of products.

Two-wheeled electric vehicle

Suitable for electric two-wheeled vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles and other travel equipment

Riveting structure is resistant to vibration and impact, and the connection is firm and reliable

Energy storage equipment

Can be used for energy storage equipment internal PCB board

The size of the knuckle can be installed in combination with the wire type. It is suitable for installation when the reserved vertical space is insufficient

Intelligent robot

Suitable for the interior of intelligent patrol robot dogs

Double security structure, layers of protection, high safety

Model aerial UAV

Suitable for the interior of intelligent patrol robot dogs

Double security structure, layers of protection, high safety

Small home appliances

Suitable for electric vacuum cleaner

Crown spring structure design, three times contact, anti - seismic and anti – breaking


Suitable for garden lithium electric blower

Cross slotted structure upgraded crown spring copper structure, performance and life increased year-on-year

Tool for instead of walk

Suitable for electric scooters

V0 flame retardant performance, in line with the standard requirements of lithium battery connection


Q What are the advantages of your products compared with your competitors?

A: Amass LC series connectors are suitable for garden, energy storage, UAV and other intelligent equipment fields. This field has special requirements for connector size, shock resistance and corrosion resistance. The volume of LC series is only the size of knuckle, the design of buckle and the anti-corrosion performance is strong.

Q Which customers' factory inspection has your company passed

A: Passed the factory inspection of DJI, Bull, Narnbo and other well-known enterprises

Q What are your corporate values?

A: Vision, innovation, responsibility, focus and reliability are the core values of Amass.

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