LCB30 High current connector

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LC series outdoor power plug contacts use red copper conductors, which greatly improves the current carrying performance; 360 ° crown spring contact structure, not only has a long plug-in life, but also can effectively prevent plug-in instantaneous break; Riveting installation replaces traditional welding, assembly is plug-in, and efficiency is doubled; The safe and convenient anti release lock design greatly increases the safety performance of the product. And it can improve the quality of outdoor power supply in terms of electrical performance and mechanical performance, and give customers a brand-new product experience.

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Withstanding Voltage  600V DC
Insulation Resistance  ≥2000MΩ
Contact Resistance  ≤1mΩ
Flame Level  UL94 V-0
Glowing wire flammability index  GWFI 960℃
Work Temperature -40~120℃
Housing material PBT
Terminal material Copper,Silver plated
Salt Spray 48h(Level4)
Environmental performance RoHS2.0

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Product Description

The special connector for intelligent equipment is mainly composed of molded case insulator and conductor contact. The selection of these two materials directly determines the safety performance, practical performance and service life of the connector. Among copper metals, red copper is pure copper, which has better conductivity than brass, white copper or other copper alloys. Therefore, electric power equipment often uses red copper as the conductive material. Amass LC series special connectors for intelligent equipment use red copper contact conductors, which have significant advantages in thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. The outer layer of the conductor is silver plated, which greatly improves the current carrying efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Production line strength

Our company is equipped with injection molding workshop, welding line workshop, assembly workshop and other production workshops, and more than 100 production equipment to ensure the supply of production capacity.

Company strength

The company is located in Lijia Industrial Park, Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 mu and a production area of 9000 square meters, The land has independent property rights. So far, our company has about 250 R & D and manufacturing personnel Manufacturing and sales teams.

Honor and qualification

Multi patent

Amass has three national invention patents, more than 200 utility model patents and appearance patents


Electric Bicycle

It can be used for short-distance travel tools such as electric folding bicycles and shared motorcycles

Beam buckle design, plug and lock, suitable for harsh road conditions.  

Electric Vehicle

It can be applied to the motor end of electric vehicles

High temperature resistance, effectively avoiding short circuit caused by high temperature softening of connectors in electric vehicles.

Energy storage equipment

It can be used for outdoor equipment such as solar photovoltaic panels and rechargeable batteries.

It has dust-proof and waterproof properties to meet the needs of safe outdoor power consumption of energy storage equipment.

Intelligent robot

Applicable to the inside of intelligent patrol robot dog

Small size, large current, multiple installation methods, space saving

Model UAV

Suitable for aerial photography, measurement and other UAVs

Small size, small space can be installed and used

Small home appliances

Applicable to lithium battery small household appliances

Single pin / double pin / triple pin / mixed and other polarities can be selected


Applicable to snow sweeping robot

-40 ℃ - 120 ℃ high and low temperature resistant environment, which can ensure the continuous and effective operation of current even at low temperature.

Transportation tools

Applicable to electric scooters

Comply with the new national standard V0 flame retardant grade


Q: Is your company a trading company or a factory
A: Amass is a provincial high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of high current connectors. It was established in 2002 and has 20 years of experience in R & D and production of lithium battery connectors.

Q: How to control connector quality?
A:  We have a systematic inspection process for quality control
1. From the product quality control plan, conversion to the inspection standard book, implementation to the quality inspection scheme, the quality control of the process node is formed by the incoming material, product process and final inspection
2. From DVT type test of NPI to ort type test of MP and batch product reliability test, effective product performance guarantee is formed

Q: When will the goods be shipped?
A: This depends on the order quantity and requirements. It takes 3-7 days for conventional products and 25-40 days for customized products. Our daily output is 1 million pcs, so we can deliver goods in a short time.

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