• LCC30 High current connector

    LCC30 High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    As the electronic equipment becomes more and more complex, more and more accessories are required, resulting in more and more intensive circuits and accessories on the PCB. At the same time, the quality requirements of PCB high current connector are also improved. Amass PCB high current connector adopts red copper contact and silver plating layer, which greatly improves the current carrying performance of PCB high current connector, and diversified installation methods can meet the installation needs of different customers.

  • LCC30PW High current connector

    LCC30PW High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    Amass LC series lithium battery connectors have high adaptability, high reliability and other advantages in the application of solar street lamps. Due to the outdoor service conditions and regional climate, high or low temperature is also a major factor in the test of DC terminals. Extreme high and low temperatures will damage the insulation materials, reduce the insulation resistance and withstand voltage performance, and degrade or even fail the DC terminal performance.

  • LCC30PB High current connector

    LCC30PB High current connector / Electric current:20A-50A

    In order to ensure the efficient operation of the servo motor, the power connector contact of Amass LC series servo motor is designed with red copper and silver plating. The product has higher current carrying capacity and stronger conductivity; 360 ° crown spring contact, longer seismic life; The product adds a lock design, which prevents falling off during use, and greatly improves the safety performance; The welding is upgraded to riveting, with higher efficiency.

  • LCC40 High Current Connector

    LCC40 High Current Connector / Electric Current:30A-67A

    The new generation of high-performance LC series can meet the power connection requirements of various smart devices, especially for mobile smart devices in the application scenario of “large current and small volume”. LC series can be widely used in a variety of smart devices except smart cars and mobile phones. Such as: model UAV, garden tools, intelligent mobility scooter, intelligent electric vehicle, intelligent robot, intelligent home, energy storage equipment, lithium battery, etc. Especially in the field of intelligent devices with mobile properties, LC has an irreplaceable position in the industry by virtue of its product characteristics and advantages of “large current and small volume”.

  • LCC40PB High Current Connector

    LCC40PB High Current Connector / Electric Current:30A-67A

    The new generation of LC series adopts new copper material. The conductivity of LC copper material and XT brass material is 99.99% and 49% respectively. According to the test and verification of Ames Laboratory, the conductivity of new copper is + 2 times that of brass under the same cross-sectional area. Amess chose copper with high purity and high conductivity as the material of contact parts. Along with the substantial increase of current carrying density, it not only brings excellent conductivity, but also ensures that LC series still maintains the obvious advantage of small size after a substantial upgrade.

  • LCC40PW High Current Connector

    LCC40PW High Current Connector / Electric Current:30A-67A

    In order to cope with mobile smart devices such as lawn mowers, drones, and smart electric vehicles, the connector connector may become loose during vibration when moving or working.The phenomenon of Amass LC Series connectors are specially designed for “Strong lock” construction. This structure, using the straight insert design, when the matching is in place, the lock lock automatically, self-locking force is strong. At the same time, the design of the buckle, so that the product has high seismic performance, can easily cope with the high-frequency vibration within 500HZ. Avoid high frequency vibration caused by falling off, loose, to avoid the risk of breaking, poor contact and so on. And the locking structure also strengthens the sealing property of the product, which has a good auxiliary role for dust and waterproof.