Outdoor power connector is the key to improve the quality of energy storage equipment

Mobile energy storage leading brand EcoFlow officially released a new smart generator, innovative research and development concept, to bring the generator category high-quality power supply effect and more intelligent use experience, and further enrich the EcoFlow energy storage ecology. As the expert of EcoFlow outdoor power connector, Amass is also constantly innovating and breaking through, developing and producing LC series on the basis of XT series, LC series products are smaller in volume and higher in current carrying, and have a wider range of application.


Here is Amass to take you to know more about Zhenghao Innovation of this high-quality intelligent generator:

Innovative hybrid power, efficient power generation

EcoFlow intelligent generator has a hybrid power system supporting AC + DC output, so that it can save the loss of AC to DC when charging De DELTA Max and De DELTA Pro, and directly to De DELTA Max and De DELTA Pro DC charging, compared with the traditional generator for other outdoor power supply charging efficiency increased by 60%, effectively improve the oil-electric conversion efficiency, reduce the charging fuel consumption per KWH of electricity, to achieve efficient use of energy.


Automatic start and stop + a variety of starting methods, the use of the generator to simplify

In order to avoid the need for manual switching of traditional generators, and if the equipment is not turned off in time after being fully charged, there will be no load, resulting in fuel waste and other drawbacks, EcoFlow R & D team added an automatic start and stop function for intelligent generators to reduce fuel waste. In addition to automatic start, Zhenghao smart generator also has a variety of convenient start methods. Press and hold the main switch button of the generator for two seconds to start with one click; Users can also start through the App.


Multiple alarm function, more secure

EcoFlow generator has multiple alarm capabilities such as carbon monoxide, fuel exhaustion, and oil, ensuring real-time safety. The generator has a built-in carbon monoxide detector to monitor the carbon monoxide concentration around the generator, and when it approaches the threshold, the generator will stop working and the alarm light will flash to inform the user. When the generator fuel is lower than the 600ml threshold, it will keep flashing to inform the user to refuel in time to avoid fuel exhaustion and delay. When the oil is insufficient, the alarm indicator will also light up, prompting the user to add oil to prevent engine damage.

The exterior design is comfortable and convenient, and the usage information is at a glance

The EcoFlow generator is designed for easy refueling and maintenance. The refueling port is designed above the generator, and only need to unscrew the refueling when refueling is needed; The maintenance cover is designed on the side of the generator, so there is no need to dismantle the machine during maintenance. Zhenghao smart generator is made of strong material, which is more durable and corrosion resistant. Durability and corrosion resistance is a necessary condition to increase the service life of smart equipment, the same when choosing outdoor power connectors, also choose corrosion resistance and strong electrical conductivity of outdoor power connectors.


EcoFlow focuses on creating extremely friendly, clean and inclusive mobile energy storage products. Its products mainly include Rui RIVER series and De DELTA series, as well as auxiliary function accessories such as solar charging panels, equipped with the exclusive research and development of X-Boost intelligent inverter technology, X-Stream fast charging technology, providing a safe, portable, high-energy diversified power supply options, deeply trusted by the public!


XT series outdoor power connector in EcoFlow equipment

As a EcoFlow innovative outdoor power connector supplier, AMS existing XT30 series /XT60 series /XT90 series products are used in outdoor portable energy storage equipment, in order to improve the application of the third generation XT series products in portable power supplies, AMS has created high-quality outdoor power connector - LC series.

LC series outdoor power connector has more advantages than XT series in energy storage equipment, which can improve the quality of outdoor power supply in various aspects such as electrical performance and mechanical properties, and give customers a new product experience.

Post time: Dec-09-2023