Why should LC series connectors use copper conductors?

Contact conductor -- as one of the basic components of the high-current connector, it is the core part of the high-current connector to complete the electrical connection function. It can be made of any of several alloys. The choice of material will affect the parameters and properties of the high-current connector and the operating environment。

Amass LC series connectors of the fourth generation are made of copper contacts.Compared with the brass contacts of the third generation XT series, the performance has been improved a lot.  What are the differences between the copper contacts and the brass contacts? Brass, by definition, is an alloy of copper and zinc.  If it is made up of only these two elements,it is called ordinary brass, but if it is made up of more than two elements, it is called special brass, and has a golden yellow appearance.  And copper is a more pure copper,because the color of copper is purple,so copper is also called red copper.


brass                                    copper


Because the alloy composition of brass is more, so the conductivity is relatively low; Copper is mainly composed of copper, containing up to 99.9% of copper, so the electrical conductivity of copper is higher than that of brass. This is also an important reason for Amass 4th generation LC series connectors to use copper as contact conductor. Compared with brass connectors, copper connectors have more advantages in current carrying.


According to the metal activity table, the active properties of metallic copper are behind, so the corrosion and oxidation resistance is better than other metals.  The chemical properties of copper are stable, and the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance (copper melting point up to 1083 degrees Celsius) are integrated in one, so the copper connector is durable and can be used in different environments for long term.


Copper's conductivity and thermal conductivity are second only to silver, and it is widely used in making conductors. Therefore, Amass LC series connectors adopt silver plating layer on the basis of copper conductors, aiming to improve the current carrying performance of high-current connectors and ensure the efficient operation of intelligent devices。


Copper conductors can not only bring electrical performance upgrades to connectors, but also enhance their service life in the application environment. Amass fourth generation LC series connectors can be widely used in intelligent robots, energy storage equipment, transportation tools, small household appliances and other mobile intelligent equipment。


Post time: Nov-09-2022