What does the speed of the electric motorcycle depend on? This cannot be ignored

As consumers, we hope to be able to buy a far, strong electric car, but many friends do not understand the car is easy to be fooled by the shop owner, that the greater the electric motor power, the faster the speed, the stronger the climbing performance, but is this really the case?


So, what does it really depend on? Battery or motor size, or is it something to do with the controller?

If the 3000W motor and 1000W motor are compared separately, 3000W motor can obviously withstand higher load, so the limit speed of 3000W motor is much faster than 1000W motor. But if you put it in an electric car, that’s not so sure! Because the electric friction speed, not only depends on the motor power size, but also with the battery voltage, motor power, controller power, connector selection and other conditions related.

Electric motorcycle battery

Battery is the power source of electric motorcycle, energy carrier, used to drive the motor, battery voltage determines the working voltage of the vehicle, battery capacity is proportional to the vehicle’s journey.


Electric motorcycle motor

The motor converts the chemical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and the rotating energy into mechanical traction, so that the wheel rotates. The working voltage of the motor is inversely proportional to the working current, and the power of the motor is proportional to the climbing ability.


Electric motorcycle controller

The controller controls the output current and voltage of the battery to control the motor speed and power, that is, the vehicle speed, to control the vehicle effect. The main functions are stepless speed regulation, brake power off, current limiting protection, undervoltage protection, speed limiting, speed display, 1:1 power, etc.


In addition to the three important components of electric motorcycle, in fact, there is another factor that affects the speed of the key, that is the humble electric motorcycle connector. Connectors are used in many smart devices, bridging circuits and other components to provide current or signal connections. The electric friction connector not only plays the role of circuit connection, but also plays a key role in the overall performance of electric friction.


The road driving condition of electric friction makes the electric friction connector must have the function of shock-proof movement. Amass LC series electric friction connector adopts beam buckle, and the buckle is self-locking when inserted. It is not afraid of various high-frequency vibration environment, and ensures the connectivity of electric friction circuit. And 10-300A current coverage, suitable for different power needs of the electric friction; There are also connectors available for different components such as battery/motor/controller.

Post time: Feb-04-2023