The key component of photovoltaic energy storage system——inverter

Solar energy is a new energy saving and environmental protection, and photovoltaic power station is a power generation system composed of solar energy and special materials. Therefore, photovoltaic power station has become the most vigorous green power development energy project encouraged by the state. However, if a photovoltaic power station wants to operate normally, then it needs a special material – photovoltaic inverter.Inverter is a power adjustment device composed of semiconductor devices, which is mainly used to convert DC power into AC power. It is generally composed of booster circuit and inverter bridge circuit. The boost circuit boosts the DC voltage of the solar cell to the DC voltage required by the output control of the inverter; The inverter bridge circuit equivalently converts the boosted DC voltage into the common frequency AC voltage.


Inverters in the new energy industry are mainly used in the field of photovoltaic and energy storage. Photovoltaic inverter, one of the main components of photovoltaic power generation system, is connected to the photovoltaic array and the power grid, is the key to ensure the long-term reliable operation of photovoltaic power station. The photovoltaic inverter can control the charging and discharging process of the battery for AC/DC transformation.Photovoltaic inverters are divided into three categories according to their uses: grid-connected inverters, off-grid inverters and micro-grid energy storage inverters. At present, the mainstream grid-connected inverter is on the market. According to the power and purpose of grid-connected inverter, it can be divided into four categories: micro inverter, cluster inverter, centralized inverter and distributed inverter, and the proportion of other inverters is very small.In the whole photovoltaic system, although the photovoltaic inverter in the total cost accounts for only 8%-10%, but it bears the whole system of AC/DC conversion, power control, and off-grid switching and other important functions, but also responsible for the intelligent control of the photovoltaic system, plays the role of the brain, so the importance of self-evident.


Similarly, the photovoltaic inverter plug is also critical, although small, but throughout the entire photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic power stations are generally installed in the outdoor or roof, natural environment, it is inevitable that natural disasters, typhoons, snow, dust and other natural disasters will damage the equipment, which requires high-quality photovoltaic inverter plug-in to match the use, Amass photovoltaic inverter plug is not only resistant to high and low temperature, more waterproof properties, can effectively prevent dust entry, Even in the case of high vibration can be used!


And Amassphotovoltaic inverter connector current covers 10A-300A, resistant to DC 500V voltage, with line type/plate type and other structural characteristics, to meet the installation of different photovoltaic system inverter connectors reserved space.

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Post time: Nov-29-2022