The Amass connector helps secure city lighting and lights the “core” lights for directions

Solar street lamp, as an environmental protection and energy saving lighting method, is powered by crystal silicon solar cells, maintention-free valve-controlled sealed battery (colloidal battery) to store electric energy, LED lamps as the light source, and controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controller, is an energy-saving street lamp instead of traditional public electric lighting.


Solar street lights do not require laying cables, AC power supply and electricity charges. Solar street lights save worry and trouble, can save a lot of manpower and energy. Solar street lights are powered by DC, stored by batteries during the day and powered by batteries to LED lights at night. And the solar street light low carbon environmental protection zero pollution, it is not like the thermal power plant carbon smoke environmental pollution.

The selection of solar street lights are LED lights, LED solar street lights, because of the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, easy maintenance, high safety, is becoming the city road lighting new, renovation (expansion) of the construction project. It can be predicted that the future street lamp market, no matter the scale industry, or the prospect development, is very imaginative space.


High class Lighting Solar Street Lamp                                               Blue carbon solar street lamp

Amass is used as an internal connector for solar street lamps

In the current carrying scheme of solar street lamps, High class Lighting uses the XT60, 24K gold-plated power interface, the first patented product independently developed by Amass; The exterior is made of waterproof materials, with injection molding and rubber coating technology, so it can be used for a long life; It can withstand high and low temperatures and work normally even in rainy and snowy weather. Blue carbon uses a 40A current carrying XT90H connector, and the contact is made of copper rod with thick gold plating process, which has strong conductivity; The tail weld leg is protected by the tail cover, which is beautiful and safe; V0 flame retardant can effectively prevent electric spark fire accidents caused by short circuit of circuit.

In addition to the above basic products, Amass also developed and produced the fourth generation of LC intelligent equipment power lithium electric internal connector, which has the advantages of high adaptability, high reliability and other advantages in the application of solar street lighting:

Good shock resistance, traffic without worry

The heavy traffic on the road will form strong vibration on the road surface, which makes the solar street lamp have high requirements on the reliability of the connector. Amass LC connector, the overall strength is high, positive and negative pole identification, anti-backplug design, the product adopts beam bayoness locking structure, anti-vibration and anti-fall, even in the road continuous strong vibration of the external impact, will not cause any connector loose, bad contact or fall off phenomenon.


High and low temperature resistance, extreme weather worry

Outdoor service conditions and regional climate, high or low temperature is also a major factor for DC terminal test. Extreme high and low temperature will damage insulation materials, resulting in the deterioration of insulation resistance and voltage resistance, resulting in the deterioration of connector performance or even failure. LC series connectors adopt high temperature resistant material PBT, resistant to -40℃ to 120℃ high and low temperature environment, can adapt to the street lamp in most temperature environment for a long time continuous and stable operation.


As an important infrastructure for urban development, street lamps are also evolving and iterating. The development and transformation of global urban street lighting to the direction of energy saving, green, scientific and technological, intelligent, behind the need for a variety of leading technology support, and professional connection technology and higher high-tech connector hardware products, is one of the key guarantee technologies.

Post time: Dec-07-2022