Spring blossom play season, outdoor energy storage power how to realize safe and fast charging and discharging?

In April, spring is in full bloom, everything is recovering and flowers are in full bloom. With the arrival of the spring blooming season, the craze of outdoor tourism is also gradually heating up. Self-driving tours, camping picnics and other outdoor activities have become popular choices for people to pursue leisure and relaxation, and outdoor energy storage power supply also stands out for its portability and practicality, which is loved and sought after by more and more people.


In this context, how to complete the fast and safe charging of electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, tablets, drones, camping lights, outdoor projectors and other electronic devices in the open outdoor environment is becoming a major challenge for outdoor energy storage power equipment.

Connector Challenges in Energy Storage

As a key component of the internal circuit of the outdoor energy storage power supply, the connector is responsible for transmitting the current inside the battery to the external equipment, which directly affects the performance, stability and safety of the energy storage equipment. So, how can outdoor energy storage power supply realize safe and fast charging and discharging?


When in the outdoor emergency power, the energy storage power discharge for electric equipment charging. In the process of charging and discharging energy storage power supply, it is necessary to use highly reliable connector products to realize the conduction connection. Amass commercial-grade smart devices, the fourth generation of internal connectors LC series, the current range of 10 ~ 100A, high current-carrying low temperature rise, high temperature flame retardant design, can provide outdoor energy storage power supply fast charging and discharging safe and efficient connection.

High load current and low temperature rise Safe and efficient charging and discharging

Amass LC series connectors, the smallest 2CM less than the size of a finger knuckle, suitable for outdoor energy storage power supply inside the narrow installation space; the use of T2 copper silver-plated conductor, with excellent conductivity, to ensure efficient transmission of electricity, can meet the outdoor energy storage power supply rapid charging and discharging needs.


Under the state of high-current connection, the 4-hour normal temperature rise of LC series connectors is less than 30K, and through the 500-hour thermal cycle test, no overheating will be generated when using, which can prevent burn-in and make it safer to use.

PBT plastic shell material, high temperature resistant and flame retardant

When the outdoor energy storage power supply is charging and discharging, the passage of high current will cause the connector to produce a thermal effect. When the temperature of the connector rises and exceeds the temperature of the battery pack, the temperature will be transmitted to the internal battery, which will affect the stability of the battery and lead to the degradation of the battery’s performance, and may even lead to accidents, such as fire and deflagration.

Amass LC series connectors, made of PBT plastic shell material, have high temperature resistance and flame retardancy; they can also work continuously at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 120℃, which guarantees the safe operation of outdoor energy storage power supplies.

Post time: Apr-20-2024