Partners | Unitree B2 Industrial Quadruped Robot Shockingly Launched, Continues to Lead the Industry to the Ground!

Unitree has once again unveiled the new Unitree B2 industrial quadruped robot, demonstrating a leading stance, pushing the boundaries and continuing to lead the global quadruped robotics industry

It is understood that Unitree began to study industry applications in depth as early as 2017. As a leading force in the industry, the Unitree B2 industrial quadruped robot brought by Yushu this time will surely lead the development direction of the industry once again.The B2 has been fully upgraded on the basis of the B1, including the load, endurance, motion capability and speed, which exceeds the existing quadruped robots in the world by 2 to 3 times! Overall, the B2 industrial quadruped robot will be able to play a role in more application scenarios.

The fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robots

The B2 industrial quadruped robot has improved significantly in speed, with a blazing run speed of more than 6m/s, making it one of the fastest industrial-grade quadruped robots on the market. In addition, it also demonstrates excellent jumping ability, with a maximum jumping distance of 1.6m, which enables it to be more efficiently and flexibly applied in various industries.


100% increase in sustained load, 200% spike in endurance

The B2 industrial quadruped robot has a staggering maximum standing load capacity of 120kg and a payload of more than 40kg when walking continuously – a 100% improvement. This increase allows B2 to carry heavier loads and remain efficient when carrying heavy loads, performing distribution tasks or working continuously for long periods of time.


Powerful joints with a 170% increase in performance and 360N.m of strong torque

The B2 industrial quadruped robot has a peak joint torque of an impressive 360 N.m, a 170% increase in performance over the original. Whether climbing or walking, it maintains extreme stability and balance, further increasing its value in industrial applications.


Stable and strong, all-rounded to cope with various environments

The B2 industrial quadruped robot shows extraordinary obstacle-crossing ability and can easily deal with a variety of obstacles, such as messy woodpiles and 40cm-high steps, providing an excellent solution to complex environments.

Deep perception for complex challenges

The B2 industrial quadruped robot has made all-around improvements in sensing capabilities, realizing a higher level of sensing capabilities by being equipped with a variety of sensors such as 3D LIDAR, depth cameras and optical cameras.


Unitree points out that the B2 industrial quadruped robot will be widely used in various industries, such as industrial automation, electric power inspection, emergency rescue, industrial inspection, education and research.
Its excellent performance and versatility make it play an important role in these fields, which can improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and reduce risks and dangers. The wide application of robots will further promote the development of various industries and lay a solid foundation for future technological innovation and progress.

Post time: Apr-27-2024