Intelligent robot dog connector solution

Robot dog is a quadrupedal robot, belonging to a legged robot, similar in appearance to a quadrupedal animal, can walk autonomously, with biological attributes, able to walk in different geographic environments, to complete a variety of complex movements, and with the help of the legged motion controller, climbing mountains and wading through the water, carrying heavy loads of goods, through some of the human inaccessible to the limit of the environment. Therefore, the robot dog is called “the world’s most advanced robot to adapt to the rugged terrain”.
In the flexible and changeable robot dog inside, the key component is the leg of the motor, robot dog limbs and each joint need motor drive, and this process needs to use the power connector to realize this function, in practice, the robot dog limbs inside the narrow and compact space, as well as outdoor applications, have put forward stringent requirements for the connector, then what power connector to be able to do it?

What are the requirements of a robot dog for connectors

Robot dog is the intelligent robot industry in recent years has just emerged in a model, at present our products in the small volume of high-current connectors and cost-effective on the absolute advantage, so the robot dog industry customers have temporarily selected our products.

At present, customers in the robot dog industry expect to improve the product: the product should be with locking buckle, because the robot dog somersaults this kind of action on the power supply connector has the demand of anti-dislodgement, at present, the customers are through the process of gluing to avoid the connector falling off. Amass fourth-generation LC series connector products, with beam type snap design, to meet the needs of the robot dog industry.

Small size and high current, no space limitation

Robot dog knee joint motor needs more than one power connector to connect to drive its walking, and the motor itself occupies the space as well as the characteristics of the robot dog leg small, leaving little space for the connector, Amass LC series connectors minimum 2CM less than the size of a finger knuckle, suitable for robot dog within the limit of the narrow installation space.


Beam snap design, self-locking when inserted, no need to worry about falling off

In the connector production process, the design of the latch is an important link, when the connector is subjected to external forces, the latch can share most of the external forces early to ensure that the connector’s anti-dislodgement function. Robot dog in the movement of somersaults, or in the rugged mountain walking, the internal connector is very vulnerable to external vibration environment and loosening; and LC series of power connectors of the beam type buckle in the pair of inserted at the moment completed the self-locking function, more conducive to the use of the robot dog in this kind of application environment!


IP65 rated protection for outdoor applications

Intelligent robot dogs are suitable for patrol, detection, search and rescue, delivery and other external environments. As we all know, the outdoor environment, unpredictable, dust, rain and other external factors are likely to impede the operation of the intelligent robot dog, so that its internal connector failure. Amass LC series connectors reach IP65 level of protection, effectively preventing the intrusion of water and dust, to ensure that the normal operation of the robot dog in the outdoor.
In addition to the above advantages and highlights, LC series connectors also have the advantages of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, V0 flame retardant, etc., which are suitable for the internal use of different smart mobile devices!

Post time: Mar-16-2024