Industry News | Outdoor sports industry again won policy support, portable energy storage to meet the big dividend

For most camping enthusiasts and RV driving enthusiasts, the right portable energy storage products are a necessity. Because of this, according to the domestic portable energy storage industry, the relevant measures in the Action Program, especially on the construction of outdoor sports infrastructure will be a greater benefit to the industry.



Portable energy storage industry enters a period of steady development this year

Portable energy storage products, also called outdoor mobile power. It is a small energy storage device that replaces the traditional small fuel generator and usually has a built-in lithium-ion battery to provide a power system with stable AC/DC voltage output. The battery capacity of the device ranges from 100Wh to 3000Wh, and most of them are equipped with various interfaces such as AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD, and so on.

In outdoor camping activities, portable energy storage can charge personal digital products such as cell phones and computers, and also provide short-term power supply for large-power electrical appliances such as electromagnetic stoves, refrigerators, lighting fixtures, projectors, etc., so as to satisfy all the power needs of consumers for outdoor sports and outdoor camping.

According to statistics, the global shipment of portable energy storage reached 4.838 million units in 2021 and is expected to reach 31.1 million units in 2026. On the supply side, China has been the world’s portable energy storage products manufacturing power and foreign trade export power, 2021 shipments of about 4.388 million units, accounting for 90.7%. On the sales side, the U.S. and Japan are the world’s largest portable energy storage market, accounting for 76.9% in 2020. At the same time the global portable energy storage products show a trend of large capacity, with the upgrading of battery cell technology, battery management system safety improvement, portable energy storage products cater to the downstream demand for consumer upgrading, and gradually to large capacity development. 2016-2021 portable energy storage 100Wh ~ 500Wh capacity products penetration rate is larger, but showing a year-on-year downward trend, and in 2021 it has been less than 50%, and large-capacity Product penetration rate is gradually climbing. Take Huabao new energy products as an example, in 2019-2021 Huabao new energy greater than 1,000Wh product sales surged from 0.1 million units to 176,900 units, sales accounted for the situation from 0.6% to 26.7%, the optimization of the product structure is ahead of the industry average.

With the improvement of living standards and the simultaneous improvement of the portability of home appliances, the demand for electrical appliances for outdoor activities has gradually enriched. In the absence of wired power supply in the natural environment, the demand for off-grid power for outdoor activities has increased. Relative to alternatives such as diesel generators, portable energy storage has also gradually increased its penetration rate by virtue of its lightweight, strong compatibility, and environmentally friendly and non-polluting advantages. According to the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, the global demand for portable energy storage in 2026 in various fields is: outdoor recreation (10.73 million units), outdoor work/construction (2.82 million units), emergency field (11.55 million units), and other fields (6 million units), and the compound annual growth rate of each field is more than 40%.

The number of outdoor camping enthusiasts is growing steadily, and China’s portable energy storage market will enter a period of steady growth. In the view of some portable energy storage industry insiders, the Action Program on camping and self-driving car camps infrastructure construction content, for portable energy storage industry is particularly important.

Post time: May-11-2024