How to select a UPS power connector? These three points are crucial!

UPS is a kind of energy storage device (common storage battery), to the inverter as the main component of constant voltage constant frequency uninterruptible power supply, it can solve the existing power outage, low voltage, high voltage, surge, noise and other phenomena, so that the computer system operation more safe and reliable. Now it has been widely used in computer, transportation, banking, securities, communications, medical, industrial control and other industries, and is rapidly entering the home.


From the basic application principle, UPS power supply is a kind of energy storage device, inverter as the main component, stable voltage and frequency output power protection equipment. It is mainly composed of rectifier, lithium battery, inverter and static switch.

As the energy storage main body of outdoor portable UPS power supply, lithium battery can be called the “heart” of portable UPS energy storage power supply. Using high-quality lithium battery can not only provide users with safer use process, but also make UPS energy storage power supply have longer life, lighter weight and higher reliability.


As we all know, the operation of the heart in the human body cannot be separated from the connection of blood vessels, and the connection of the UPS energy storage power supply internal lithium battery and other components is not without the UPS power connector.

UPS energy storage power supply in order to adapt to the outdoor complex use environment, the product appearance and material will be constantly optimized, which affects the choice of UPS power connector.

Small and Portable

Large brand enterprises have leading technology, strong design and production strength, so their outdoor mobile power supply household products will use lithium batteries, and optimize the product space design, making the product small and portable, small size, light weight and easy to carry daily use. Therefore, a UPS energy storage device needs a power connector with a small volume and a large current. The Amass LC series connector is small, only about the size of a knuckle, and is suitable for connector installation in a narrow space.

Dustproof and Waterproof

Large brands of outdoor mobile power products also pay attention to dust-proof and waterproof products, in order to meet the complex outdoor use environment, such as rain and snow weather, dusty places and Spaces. Amass LC series connectors are made of PBT material, with strong mechanical properties, anti-fall, anti-earthquake, waterproof and other functions.


 Integrative Design

The integrated design enables the UPS internal lithium-ion battery and line to be placed more tightly together. It makes the appearance more regular and reduces the appearance of redundant gaps, which is more conducive to reducing the influence of external factors on portable UPS. The integrated design also brings a lot of trouble in maintenance, so it is more necessary to choose high-quality UPS power connector, which can reduce the UPS power maintenance times, reduce maintenance costs.


Amass LC Series connectors have high quality laboratory qualification, UL Witness Laboratories, to ensure the quality of connector standards, laboratory based on ISO/IEC 17025 standard operation, to continuously improve the laboratory management and technical capabilities, to provide customers with high quality connector products.

Post time: May-20-2023