How to effectively reduce the corrosion of male and female connectors?

In various types of circuits, the most vulnerable to corrosion hazards are male and female connectors. Corroded male and female connectors shorten their service life and cause circuit failures. So under what circumstances will the male and female connectors be corroded, and what are the main factors?


1. Corrosion problems of male and female connectors are usually caused by oxidation or galvanized

Oxidation occurs when the metal of the male and female connectors combine with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a metal oxide. Since most oxides are not good electrical conductors, the oxide coating will limit the flow of current, which will be damaged by electric corrosion under the influence of the environment. Therefore, we should observe the specific situation of the male and female connectors in time, and replace them immediately when it is found that the oxidation is excessive, so as to ensure the safety of the machine.

2. Electric corrosion

Electrical corrosion is the main cause of failure of male and female connectors in harsh environment. In an electric current reaction, different metals release or collect electrons in the presence of an electrolyte. Ions formed by electron transfer slowly leach out of the material and dissolve it.

3. Corrosion of water and liquid

Although many male and female connectors are designed for harsh environments, corrosion often shortens their service life. Gaps and other leakage paths in wires, insulation, plastic housing and pins can easily become immersed in water and other liquids, accelerating corrosion of male and female connectors.

4. Other reasons

The lubricants and coolants that keep automated assembly lines running eat away at the plastic insulation. Similarly, vapors and caustic chemicals used to flush some food processing equipment can wreaks havoc on connector continuity.

It can be seen that corrosion not only has serious damage to connectors, but also affects the use of intelligent equipment. To prevent corrosion of male and female connectors, in addition to routine protection and timely replacement, you need to select male and female connectors with higher protection levels. The higher the level of protection, the better the effect of liquid and dust prevention, the more favorable the use of intelligent equipment.


Amass LC series male and female connectors IP65 protection grade, effectively prevent the invasion of liquid, dust and other foreign bodies, and meet the 48-hour salt spray test standard, copper surface is gilded layer, can effectively reduce the corrosion, and riveting structure design, prevent the plug to break, effectively enhance the service life of male and female connectors.






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Post time: Mar-15-2023