How to choose electric chair connector?

Electric wheel chair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high performance power drive device, intelligent control device, battery and other components, transformation and upgrade. The new generation of intelligent wheelchair with artificial control intelligent controller can drive the wheelchair to complete the forward, backward, turning, standing, lying down, and other functions, is a high-tech product combining modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields.

It can provide a means of transportation for the sick, the disabled, the elderly and others with mobility difficulties who cannot grasp the handlebars with one or both hands. Electric wheel chairs generally use lithium batteries, and can be recharged, its operation method is very simple.


The main features of electric wheel chair car are:

1. high stability: lithium battery, life as long as 10 years.

2. easy to operate: one person can complete.

3. easy to carry: lithium battery can be charged on the ordinary charger, small size, light weight.

4.easy to use: one-button switch, easy to operate.

5. short charging time: can be charged quickly, within a few hours can be fully charged.

6. charging method is simple: automatic control of charging time.

If the electric chair has electricity, then its power plug will be very important, so how to choose the electric chair plug?

The main factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the electric wheel chair connector are: the use environment, the user’s action and other factors. When installing the connector of electric wheel chair, firstly consider whether the environment can accept the weight of the connector, and also consider the user, so as not to cause injury due to improper operation of the connection.

1. When selecting the electric wheelchair connector, attention should be paid to the weight range of the electric wheelchair and the user. Under normal circumstances, most of the weight of the electric wheel chair car is about 20 kilograms. This weight will affect the power range of the electric wheelchair connector. The heavier the product, the greater the power required.

2. Outdoor use: The use environment of electric wheelchairs is roughly similar to that of electric bicycles. In some extreme outdoor environments, there will be environmental factors such as humidity and corrosion. For this kind of environment, in addition to the electric wheel chair car placed in the indoor shelter, shelter from the sun, dry and ventilated place; Also need its internal electric chair plug with a certain level of protection, which can effectively avoid electric chair connector internal circuit short circuit damage.


3. High temperature environment: Electric wheel chair generally uses lithium battery as the power core, it is inevitable that lithium battery demand for temperature, battery in high and low temperature environment charge and discharge efficiency is reduced, driving range will be affected, and high temperature environment, lithium battery prone to fire accidents, which requires electric wheel chair with high and low temperature resistance performance, can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

4.connection operation: electric wheel chair connector should be selected to operate easily, so that when the electric wheel chair is damaged or poor contact, convenient maintenance and replacement; At the same time, the electric wheel chair plug with insulation material is selected to be safer and more reliable in operation.


Amass LC Series electric wheel chair connector current covers 10-300A to meet the internal power needs of most intelligent devices; IP65 protection grade effectively prevent the entry of water and dust, to ensure good sealing of products; Used at 120℃, the plastic shell will not soften and fail; Combination of male and female insert, insert is locked, easy to operate and easy to change.



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Post time: Mar-09-2023