From lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries, which one really runs far?

Many people know that China is a “big country of Two-wheeled electric vehicles”, but as one of the important parts of the Two-wheeled electric vehicle battery, in fact, China is also a big country of battery production and sales, according to the data show that China’s battery annual production and sales. Battery, in fact, our country is also a battery production and marketing power, according to the data show that China’s battery annual production and According to the data, China’s annual battery production and consumption of more than 14 billion, accounting for one-third of the world’s production, It’s definitely a real “battery country”.


Battery consumption, electric vehicles also have a considerable proportion, as we all know, Two-wheeled electric vehicles actually belong to the not durable means of transportation, but its core component, the battery, durability will be worse, each Two-wheeled electric vehicles basically will have to replace the battery more than once, meaning that our country’s ownership of 350 million Two-wheeled electric vehicles, at least with 700 million sets of batteries. As a supplier of high-power plugs for lithium batteries, the output value of Amass’s lithium battery docking plugs has also been increasing, reflecting the fact that the output value of lithium battery docking plugs is increasing, which responds to the surge in demand for lithium plugs in the lithium battery market. In order to cope with the increasing market demand, Amass introduces automated production equipment and continuously improves DC high-power connector technology, aiming to deliver more high-quality connectors to the market. market with more high-quality connectors.

Nowadays, the battery is not only a large number of brands, the major brands have also launched their own “black technology” battery to attract consumer customers. Battery, to attract consumer customers, the market now exists several types of mainstream batteries, lead-acid batteries, graphene batteries, black gold batteries, lithium batteries, from the durable and long life to analyze, what the difference between them. Battery, black gold batteries, lithium batteries, from durable and range to analyze, what is the difference between them.

Lead-acid battery

It is considered to be the “ancestor” of the battery, since 150 years ago, the battery has been used in transportation, even if the battery is not used in electric vehicles. Even today, lead-acid batteries are still the mainstream type of batteries used in electric vehicles, with a market share of more than 70%.

Lead-acid battery is composed of positive and negative lead plates, positive and negative poles, electrolyte, partitions, shell batteries, the work is mainly by the positive and negative lead plates and electrolyte chemical reaction, to complete the charging process from the other DC power source to obtain “electrical energy” into “chemical energy”.
Lead-acid batteries have an important “label”, that is, cheap. Significantly different from other batteries, lead-acid batteries due to the material, process are the four major batteries in the most simple, its cost is relatively low, which is also the This is also an important reason why it can have long-term market demand. However, the low cycle charge/discharge times and the large size and heavy weight of lead-acid batteries have also contributed to their gradual decline in popularity. However, the cycle charging and discharging times are less, as well as the large volume and heavy weight, which is also the reason why it is gradually replaced by other batteries.

Graphene Battery

In recent years, the battery has been highly respected by major brands, and first-tier brands such as Yadea,AIMA, and TAILG have introduced graphene batteries. Graphene battery-equipped Two-wheeled electric vehicles, publicizing that it has a more durable, longer run, very popular with consumers. It is very popular among consumers.

However, the scientific definition of graphene battery actually refers to the use of lithium ions on the surface of graphene and the electrodes of the battery developed by the characteristics of rapid and large shuttle movement between Graphene battery, however, scientifically defined, actually refers to the use of lithium ions on the surface of graphene and the electrodes of the rapid mass shuttle movement between the characteristics of the development of the battery, and the current graphene battery in the electric vehicle industry, only in the lead-acid battery with a little graphene, so it is called graphene The current graphene battery in the electric car industry, just in the lead-acid batteries with a little graphene, so it is called graphene batteries is actually in the To be objective, these batteries should be called “graphene lead-acid batteries”. Although it belongs to lead-acid batteries, it is different from lead-acid batteries, and the price will be more expensive, but not as expensive as lithium batteries. Some, but not to the high cost of lithium batteries, lithium batteries will be much cheaper than, and, with the essence of lead-acid batteries, the safety is also better than the acid battery, the safety is also much higher than lithium batteries, belongs to the middle-end of the battery. Charge and Discharge Charging and discharging performance and the number of cycles have been enhanced compared with lead-acid batteries, and the range has been increased by about 10% compared with lead-acid batteries.

Black Gold Battery


Compared with the Two-wheeled electric vehicles brands directly “fanfare” to publicize graphene batteries, as a more professional battery manufacturers, the so-called black gold battery becomes much more euphemistic. The so-called black gold battery refers to the use of graphene alloy material for the positive plate grid of the battery. The so-called black gold battery refers to the use of graphene alloy material for the positive plate grid of the battery, and at present, Tianneng and Chaowei call the battery with graphene added to it as black gold battery. Due to the addition of graphene material, the overall performance of alloy batteries is better than that of lead-acid batteries, which is more resistant to cold and heat than lead-acid batteries. It is more resistant to cold and heat than lead-acid batteries, and the power will be more powerful, overall slightly stronger than lead-acid batteries, but more powerful than lithium-ion batteries, and there is a certain gap in price.
Batteries and there is a certain gap in price, the cost of black gold batteries than lead-acid batteries will be higher, generally 30 to 50 yuan more expensive per set of batteries. In terms of price, the cost of black gold batteries is higher than lead-acid batteries, generally 30 to 50 yuan more expensive per battery. The essence of black gold batteries and graphene batteries is the same, so the relative durability and range is almost the same. The durability and range of the batteries are similar.

Lithium battery

Lithium battery is the battery with the most application scenarios at present, due to its small size and light weight, basically mainstream electronic products are in the application of lithium batteries.


Lithium battery is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as positive and negative materials, using non-aqueous electrolyte solution. At present, lithium batteries are mainly ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganate batteries, of which ternary lithium batteries have the advantages of high capacity, long life, but expensive, two-wheeled electric vehicle applications. Lithium battery has the advantages of high capacity and long life, but the price is expensive, and the application of two-wheeled electric vehicles is relatively small, while the price of lithium manganese acid battery is high. Lithium manganese acid battery is cheap, but the life is short, the application is also relatively small, lithium iron phosphate battery, the price is moderate, the capacity is moderate, durable. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have moderate price, moderate capacity, good durability and high safety, and are used more often.

Durability and range is the core advantage of lithium battery, ordinary lead-acid battery cycle charging for 300 times, graphene and black gold battery for 500 to 600 times, while lithium battery can reach about 1500 times. times, graphene and black gold batteries for 500 to 600 times, and lithium batteries can reach about 1500 times, if you compare, it is definitely the lithium battery with the highest durability. If we compare, lithium battery has the highest durability, and because of its small size, light weight and high capacity, its range is also the highest. Because of its small size, light weight and high capacity, its battery life is also the most outstanding among these batteries.

In order to improve the durability of lithium battery plugs, Amass plugs are made of PA66 nylon with flame-retardant properties, which improves the mechanical and electrical properties of the products, and the contact parts are made of silver-plated red copper with low resistance and strong corrosion resistance, which makes the durability far more than that of the same industry’s chip plugs.


From the above, you can understand the difference between the current mainstream Two-wheeled electric vehicles 4 major batteries, owners in the choice of electric When the battery, mainly inclined to durability and range, the choice should be in order of lithium batteries > graphene batteries > graphene batteries =However, if you are more inclined to price and safety, it is recommended that you choose Li-ion batteries > graphene batteries > black gold batteries > lead-acid batteries in order. However, if you prefer price and safety, it is recommended to choose lead-acid batteries>black gold batteries>graphene batteries>lithium batteries, and in recent years, lithium batteries have exploded and caught fire. In recent years, the explosion of lithium battery fire incident, so that the lithium battery is safe and other issues are pushed to the heat.

Post time: Jan-20-2024