Bluetti Launches Lightweight Outdoor Power Supply AC2A, Essential for Outdoor Use

Recently, Bluetti (a brand of POWEROAK) launched a new outdoor power supply AC2A, which provides a lightweight and practical charging solution for camping enthusiasts. This new product is compact in size and has attracted widespread attention for its charging speed and many practical functions.

Compact and portable, easy camping

Weighing only about 3.6kg, the palm-sized design of the Bluetti AC2A makes it ideal for outdoor camping. The lightweight feature makes it more convenient for users in outdoor activities and solves the problem of traditional camping power supply which is bulky and difficult to carry.
Even if there is a certain distance between the parking spot and the campground, you can easily carry the power to the campground on foot, solving the problem of transporting power in the last section of the road.


Ultra-fast charging, up to 80% in 40 minutes

The AC2A utilizes advanced charging technology that allows users to charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes. This feature becomes especially important in outdoor conditions, allowing users to quickly access sufficient power support when time is limited.

Emergency power replenishment without the high cost of power hookups

AC2A is specially designed with an emergency car charging function, which avoids the embarrassing situation of running out of power and not being able to start the car due to forgetting to turn off the car lights during outdoor trips, and subtracts the high cost due to hitching up the electricity as well as the cost of time spent on waiting for rescue.


Supports fast charging on the go, can be filled up while driving

The new outdoor power supply AC2A supports the fast charging function for driving, which makes it easy to charge your devices while driving. For camping enthusiasts who drive long distances, this design greatly extends the usage time of the outdoor power supply, enabling it to meet power needs at any time.


Fishing with it, better experience

AC2A is not only limited to camping, but also suitable for fishing. With it, users can charge their refrigerators, fans, speakers, cell phones and other electronic devices while fishing outdoors, improving the overall fishing experience.


The introduction of Bluetti’s outdoor power supply AC2A has injected new vitality into the outdoor power supply market. Through the multi-directional evaluation by Darren, the product excels in terms of lightweight portability and charging speed, making it an ideal choice for entry-level campers.
This design will undoubtedly bring more convenience to the camping experience of outdoor enthusiasts, and once again confirms the excellent technical strength of Bluetti in the field of outdoor power supply.

Post time: Feb-03-2024