AIMA new electric cross bike mech master realize young people’s motorcycle dream

At the beginning of January, AIMA Technology Group held its first global new car conference at the CES in the U.S., releasing its new cross-cycling product, the AIMA Mech Master. With its Cyber Digital style body design and futuristic technological styling, AIMA Mech Master hopes to set off an electric cross-cycling consumer frenzy around the world, so that every young person with a dream of the highway can get what he or she wants.

Safe and secure, AIMA mech master are the new wave of cross-country riders

Everyone has a motorcycle dream, however traditional motorcycles have strict driving age requirements and require specialized training in driving skills.

AIMA Technology Group, a world-renowned brand of electric vehicles, has released a new model designed to fulfill the dreams of novice riders – the AIMA Mech Master. AIMA Mech Master is specially built for new riders, with easy controls that can be started from scratch, and a strong guarantee of rider safety. AIMA Mech Master, so that everyone’s dream of the road can be realized, so that every free soul can break the wind.


AIMA Mecha Master at CES 2024

Ultra-high performance Challenges all kinds of riding scenarios

Besides appearance, performance is also the core competitiveness of AIMA products. The powerful powertrain of AIMA Mech Master gives it excellent driving performance. The all-season hot-melt tires of AIMA Mech Master have stronger grip during the driving phase, and with the front center rear inverted hydraulic damping system, it can be adapted to riding in multiple scenarios of road conditions. Even without rich riding experience, young riders can easily cope with the challenges of multiple terrains.

Perforated front and rear heat dissipating dual disc brakes ensure that the vehicle can still have strong braking ability at high speeds. The inductive power-off side support ladder can automatically cut off the power when parking to ensure parking safety.


AIMA Mech Master

Ride in style and create a comfortable human-machine interaction experience

In terms of ride design, the AIMA Mech Master creates a golden man-machine ratio based on ergonomic principles, simulating the riding triangle of street bikes and cruisers, so that new riders can experience straddle biking more comfortably. The AIMA Mech Master center-balanced counterweight and nearly 1.7-meter body length perfectly balance riding stability and maneuverability. With its compact body and superior maneuverability, even new riders can quickly master the cornering skills of a motorcycle expert and start a cool cross-cycling journey.

AIMA continues to provide unlimited possibilities for two-wheeled electric vehicle riding life with innovative design and fashionable and cool creativity. The AIMA Mech Master is AIMA effort to accompany young people in exploring their cycling dreams, and it is also an epoch-making product for Emma to explore and challenge the global market. At the CES, the AIMA Mech Master is on sale globally, and will surely set off a new wave of two-wheeled e-bike cycling worldwide in the foreseeable future.

Post time: Jan-27-2024