How to choose high quality high current waterproof joint?

Urban outdoor lighting equipment, electric vehicles, energy storage equipment and a variety of water-related industries all need high-current waterproof joints. High-current waterproof joints are mainly produced to solve the harsh use environment of some intelligent equipment connectors, especially in the case of large dust, or often encountered rain. It features high quality water resistance and perfectly protects power and network cables.


The biggest advantage of the large current waterproof joint is, of course, that it has this characteristic in waterproofing. The waterproof grade of the large current waterproof joint has reached the level of a national class, which can prevent the water from entering and being corroding, and prevent dust from entering the connector to affect its performance.

Advantages of large current waterproof joint:

1. Strong waterproof performance. Fully enclosed connectors used in connectors have the highest performance standards. When the appliances are all submerged in water, water will not seep in.

2. Strong, waterproof connector housing is made of zinc alloy surface coating, extremely strong and can be used in water depths exceeding 1000 m and is not affected by water pressure.

3. Large current waterproof joint with anti-corrosion function, used to prevent acid corrosion products

4. It can prevent electromagnetic interference and will not affect the operation and use of intelligent equipment

Many brands on the market have large current waterproof joint can choose, how to choose high-quality waterproof plug, in addition to their own waterproof performance, what are the functional characteristics?

In the practical application, the high-current waterproof joint also needs to have the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, vibration and impact resistance, small volume and so on.


1. Amass LC series high current waterproof joint can withstand high temperature 120℃, -20℃ low temperature environment. During operation, the contact mode will rise continuously due to the slow current. In order for the high-current waterproof joint to work properly, it must be within the rated temperature range, which can ensure the normal use of the insulation layer and metal parts.

2. Amass LC series high-current waterproof joint has strong anti-vibration and impact function, the main reason is that its beam buckle design, when the male and female insert, the buckle can be effectively locked, and ensure the high-current waterproof joint excellent sealing ability. This feature is often used in electric garden tools, aviation and transportation products.

3. The compact flexible shape design of the high-current waterproof joint can be better hidden during use, not susceptible to external influences, and does not take up more space when installing. Amass LC series high current waterproof connector is only the size of a knuckle, modular mounting design. Simple, fast, no need for additional equipment.

4. LC series high-current waterproof joint adopts copper material conductor, which not only has good electrical conductivity, but also has good corrosion resistance in atmosphere, sea water and some non-oxidizing acid, alkali, salt solution and organic acid, greatly increasing the service life of waterproof connector.

The waterproof performance of LC series high-current waterproof joint is so good, not only because of the waterproof function, can not be separated from other functional features boost. LC series high-current waterproof joint through precise structural design and mold development, so that water cannot enter the connector inside, and with locking structure, male and female connectors effectively lock, meet the basic waterproof and dustproof requirements IP54, ensure IP65 requirements below, stable performance in complex application environment.


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Post time: Feb-27-2023